Feedworks Pty Ltd, is a partnership aimed at supplying quality products and technologies to the agricultural associated industries in the Australian, New Zealand and Oceania regions.

  • MALCOLM MOTTRAMManaging Partner Sales & Marketing

    Malcolm grew up on a mixed farming operation in central Victoria where he had wide experience involving sheep, cropping, diary cattle, pigs,and layer production. He then furthered his studies at La Trobe University graduating with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science in 1986. Since then Malcolm has worked in marketing and sales of animal nutrition products and feed additives.

    Mal is probably most known for the work with betaine in the early 1990's which lead to a 2-3 year stint in the USA with Finnfeeds/Danisco between 1997-1999. Upon returning to Australia Malcom formed Feedworks Pty Ltd partnership with Nick Kempe and remains Managing Partner of that business.

  • DAVID CADOGANMonogastric Business Manager

    David Cadogan graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1991 with a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Science before gaining a years experience as a Primary Producer on his family's Beef farm. In 1992 David accepted a position of trainee supervisor with Bunge Meat Industries and by 1993 graduated to a nutritionist, and later to a senior nutritionist role in 2000. His responsibilities included commercial nutrition, the co-ordination of nutritional research projects as well as investigating methods of value and cost effectiveness of feed additives.

    David has published innovative research in referred scientific journals and presented at a large number of national and international conferences. In 2003 David completed his post graduate studies with a PhD from The University of New England and in May he joined the team at Feedworks Pty Ltd as a Technical Services Manager bringing with him innovative technically based support to both current and potential customers.

  • STUART WILKINSONMonogastric Business Manager

    Stuart began his career working with The University of Sydney Poultry Research Foundation after completing his degree in Agricultural Science in 2000. He completed his PhD at The University of Sydney Faculty of Veterinary Science investigating the role of dietary fatty acids on pig performance.

    Prior to his role with Feedworks, Stuart was a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Poultry Research Foundation at The University of Sydney. His research interests include calcium, phosphorus, phytate nutrition and dietary fatty acids. Stuart is a co-supervisor to a number of postgraduate and undergraduate students across both poultry and pigs. Stuart has been invited to speak at a number of international and local conferences, has been published widely in peer-reviewed journals and is a reviewer for several scientific journals.

    Stuart has recently joined Feedworks providing technical service and support to the pig and poultry industries. His research background highlights the Feedworks philosophy of “Performance through Science” delivering positive outcomes backed by quality research.

  • IAN SAWYERRuminant Business Manager

    Ian is an experienced Ruminant Nutritionist with a great interest in the productivity and profitability of our ruminant stock classes. Ian graduated from University of Sydney in 1987 with a Degree in Animal Husbandry. He commenced working as a commercial Nutritionist that same year. His role as commercial nutritionist across a broad range of species includes experience in Broilers, ducks, pigs, layers and quail.

    But it is the ruminant sector that really captured his focus. Dairy is Ian's great enthusiasm, and one that he has shared with many of you in the past. A special interest includes improving FCE and profitability through optimal rumen function. Ian has furthered his knowledge base with a business degree from Macquarie University in Sydney, and feels strongly that a focus on strong business and economic principles is the underpinning need of all ruminant enterprises. His technical base is thus implemented with a strong view of the financial outcomes that will follow.

  • HUGH ARCHIBALDRuminant Business Manager

    Hugh was born and raised on a Jersey stud in Northern Victoria. Prior to commencing a business degree, he spent a gap year on a large dairy farm in central Canada, where his first interest in dairy nutrition was sparked, which in turn created a switch to Agricultural Science at The University of Melbourne. Upon completion of his studies in 1995, and after a brief time with a feedmill in Western Victoria, he returned to North America, spending a further 2 years at the University of Minnesota, gaining both commercial and academic experience.

    Since returning to Australia, he has worked in both the nutrition and pharmaceutical sectors, but his passion for the Dairy industry has remained. He has since incorporated strong farm systems & profitability knowledge to his nutritional skill set and has a particular interest in animal behavior and welfare.

    Hugh joins Feedworks with broad commercial and nutritional knowledge, and is excited by the opportunity to join our team in supporting our customers.

  • DOUG PEARSONEquipment & Milling Techology Business Manager

    Doug began his working life on the family farm and timber business near Tamworth running cattle, small crops and logging. In 1986 he graduated with an Associate Diploma in Applied Science {Resource Management} and later that year began work in the aquaculture industry.

    During the next 13 years working as a Manager in the industry, Doug was involved in design, construction,power and water reticulation as well as the successful operation of expanding farms including the construction of hatcheries and processing facilities. In 1999 he joined Feedworks bring with him not only a wealth of knowledge and experience in aquaculture but also a solid background in machinery, liquid handling and water quality.

  • MARK LOUREYForage Conservation Technologies

    Mark grew up on a dairy farm in the western district. His first job was driving trucks for a local feed mill company delivering grain to local dairy farmers. He then started with a local hay trader (Logan Contracting) as a truck driver delivering hay throughout Victoria. As the business grew more trucks arrived along with the opportunity to manage the hay trading and transport side of the business. He was involved in the hay trade game for 8 years buying and selling hay, dealing with growers and contractors and end uses of the hay. At the peek the company had 15 trucks working throughout the southern half of Australia.

    Mark became an executive member of the AFIA committee in 2007. After dealing with Feedworks and seeing first-hand the benefits of SiloGuard Mark jumped on the chance when offered an opportunity to work with the team at Feedworks.


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