We all hear about Big Data but its no good if you can’t access it, measure it, graph it, visualise it and act upon it then it’s a waste of time. Idas is the tool that provides that ability to bring together various sensors/devices to enable unique information enabling sensible management decision in intensive livestock production.

Acid Buf

  • Acid Buf is made from the sustainably harvested calcified skeleton of red sea weed (Lithothamnion calcareum) from the waters of Iceland and southwestern Ireland.
  • Acid buf has a porous honeycomb structure with a high surface area to volume ratio resulting in a highly digestible source of calcium and magnesium
  • Acid Buf is highly bioactive and has superior absorption when compared to traditional sources of calcium.
  • Acid Buf has a strong and persistent buffering capacity that may assist with maintaining a higher pH over a prolonged period of time.