Birthright Deck

The ventilation:

  • Standard vents for easy adjustment of airflow

The Bracket:

  • Telescoping aluminum
  • Universal fit

The Cup:

  • Unique crown design eliminates milk waste
  • Stainless steel nipples
  • Cap and restrictor

The Deck:

  •  Made from heavy duty polyethylene
  • Easy Set up
  • Easy cleaning
  • Clear Lexan door

The Saddle:

  • Snaps in/out of deck for easy cleaning and maintenance

The Lid:

  • Reversible
  • Engineered for a natural chimney ventilation

Tenderfoot’ Flooring:

  • Solid one-piece construction


  • One-piece design
  • Slides easily into front of deck

The Heat Lamp:

  • Individual switch for high, low and off settings


  • Once per week
  • 2 step dairy milking system cleaner including a chlorine cleaner & acid to remove solids

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Birthright Deck