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Quality feed, feed delivery and data recording are essential in intensive livestock production. Feedworks provides specialist equipment to meet the needs of the innovative intensive livestock and feed production industries.


FeedMeter uses a patented mass flow sensing technology which measures feed flow by weight as it passes through a feed line.

The system provides instant access to feed flow information on any feed line in any shed at any time.

All feed flow data is recorded, providing a rich source of data for feed.

The FeedMeter:

  • Facilitates remote access to data
  • Provides an Important level of accuracy
  • Has no moving parts
  • Installs on standard feed lines with no need to cut or replace augers.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Track feed Intake and consumption
    • FeedMeter tracks total feed consumption every day, this allows precision feeding and decision making.
  • Make Better Marketing Decisions
    • If you can track average animal weights in the shed you make better decisions about marketing and have a running FCR management tool.
  • Reduce Feed Outages
    • FeedMeter can alert production managers to empty feed bins or feed bridging, reducing costly feed outages.
  • Schedule feed deliveries more effectively
    • By tracking feed consumption managers and producers can schedule feed deliveries more precisely which in turn helps the feed mill run more efficiently