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Forage Preservation, Analysis, Sales Products

Without quality productivity from the use of forage in ruminants is greatly compromised. Feedworks provides effective tools to not only enhance to quality of forage production but also its efficiency in harvesting and preparation. Feedworks is also a specialist in providing quality hay and for forage for sale, all backed by lab analysis provided through Forage Labs Australia.

Forage Analysis

Forage Lab Australia is at the forefront of feed testing:

Supported by Cumberland Valley Analytical Services USA, who bring an unmatched offering of services and assays.

Comprehensive list of parameters measured

  • Our reports offer more information to help better describe how the feed is going to be digested.
  • Accurate and realistic results to enable more accurate ration design, and more closely achieve expected production outcome.
  • Fast turnaround 2-3 days from receival
    • Important for regular feed analysis
  • Technical support included
    • Via a team of skilled professional nutritionists to help troubleshoot any concerns.

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