Gazeeka Moisture Meters

Designed and manufactured in Australia

for Australian conditions

Model 870 Baler Mounted Moisture
Isolate potential hotspots as you bale.
Bale without stopping to check moisture levels.
Displays: Instantaneous, Maximum (peak) and average
High Performance
Moisture content measured accurately and reliably. Based on total moisture{as oven dried}, not just surface{dew} moisture.

Proven Technology

Successfully operated in the cotton industry and in coal minerals for many years where the precision is typically 0.25% to 0.5%. For hay, precision can be expected to be better than 1%.

Non Contact

Very low energy – high frequency electromagnetic waves are transmitted between two antennae positioned in a non-contact configuration for ease of operation. The measuring”area” is approximately a square foot right through the bale at power levels less than the standards set or mobile phones.


The two antennae are mounted on the baler so as to analyse the hay as it exits the baler. The LCD moisture unit is mounted in the tractor cabin, providing updates every few seconds. The unit includes an audible alarm for high and low moisture levels as well as clearly marking high moisture bales with high visibility paint.


Calibrated for cereal hay and legume hay, rye grass and rye/clover hay. Large balers only.

Model 475-Rb-100 Preservative Pressure Monitor

  • Features
  • Pressure adjustment via regulator and gauge.
  • Pressure Monitoring direct from Tractor Cab.
  • Pump On / Off control from Tractor Cab.
  • Alarms (visual & Audible) for Max / Min Pressure.
  • Fully Programmable Max/Min Pressure Set Points.
  • 100 Litre tank for preservative.
  • Improved air filters to keep fluids clean.
  • Includes pump and filter units.
  • Includes a nozzle body, range of nozzles and hose.
  • lncludes stainless steel Nozzle body plate for spray direction control.
  • Designed to use”SiloGuard” and other preservatives.