SiloGuard for Silage
  • Reduces Heating and Spoilage
  • Improves Gain and Efficiency
  • Produces Greener, Leafier Hay
  • Increases Dry Matter Recovery
  • Provides For Better Feed Intake Produces greener, leaļ¬er Hay
  • Retains More High Quality Nutrients

“We are pleased with the results from using SiloGuard. Our silage is a lighter colour, it smells sweet and even the calves like it.”

Brendan Martelli, Meeniyan

“We have no mould in our tube silage unlike other years and I believe SiloGuard is what has made the difference.”

Darren Lavarda, Fish Creek

“We have seen a difference from using SiloGuard I there is no spoilage on the top of the stack unlike previous years and we are not seeing the liquid running out of the bottom of the stack. We must be saving a lot more nutrients because of SiloGuard.”

Dick Edwards,Fish Creek

“SiloGuard has made a huge difference to our silage quality. We put up 800 wet tonne in 3 cuts and on opening the stack there was no spoilage(waste) between fills. Another benefit is we have no secondary fermentation. We used SiloGuard on maize silage last season with great success and will be using it on all our silage in the future.”

Tom Portor, Yanakie farms, Yanakie, Vic

“As a contractor I found SiloGuard very safe to use and as a dairy farmer I received a great return as there was no waste throughout our stack.”

Matt & Rob Latham Fish Creek

“Due to the wet start to summer I baled my silage a lot wetter this year than normal. I was really concerned what result I would get so after hearing about SiloGuard I thought I would try the product to help reduce spoilage. The result was fantastic. The silage is mould free, soft and there is no waste. My cows are leaving nothing behind. I will be using SiloGuard every season from now on.

Keas Resink – Garvoc, Victoria