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Managing Conserved forage supply and quality with Feedworks

For a great many producers.their production system will see a seasonal reliance on conserved fodder to fill feed gaps.This invariably produces two key challenges that have to be managed;

1- Availability of adequate home grown or purchased hay or silage

2- Ouality of home grown or purchased hay or silage

At Feedworks we believe we can assist in both these key areas.

Availability of supply

A seasonal shortfall of grazed or home grown conserved fodder is typical in many areas as stocking rates have increased. or seasonal reliability has declined. Purchased hay has become a common and important feed resource. Sadly hay purchasing can be fraught with risk and disappointment. and is invariably time consuming. At Feedworks we have made this process transparent and objective, as well as convenient and smooth. Managed by Mark Lourey with 15 year’s experience in the Hay sector, we can supply hay that is clearly and objectively described with:

– A proper forage test laying out key nutrient content

– Full independent inspection prior to loading

– Photographed to assist objective appraisal prior to purchase

As a “nutrition” business. Feedworks will have a clear preference for supply of high quality hay parcels treated with Silo Guard to allow retaining of best nutritional content and a stable. low risk shelf life.

We believe that such hay is most likely to produce positive outcomes on farm.The selected hay suppliers we work with are producers with an established track record of producing high quality hay, whether that is cereal or legume varieties. We will however supply various qualities of hay a clients may seek or request. In all cases we will objective in our description. Lower quality hay can be sourced,but we will not seek to portray such hay as anything that it is not!