Mineral Supplement for Pigs

An effective tool in Pig Management

This superior quality Calcareous Marine Algae, rich in minerals is harvested as a dead material from the seabed in the clear, unpolluted Atlantic waters off the West Coast of Ireland and Iceland.

Live Material
(Not Harvested)

Deposit Material
(Harvested for Production)
Ash 95 %
Calcium Ca 30 %
Magnesium Mg 5 %
Sulphur S 0.3 %
Sodium Na 1.1 %
Phosphorus P 514 ppm
Potassium K 628 ppm
Boron B 11 ppm
Fluorine F 190 ppm
Iron Fe 1590 ppm
Cobalt Co 0.9 ppm
Copper Cu 7 ppm
Zinc Zn 17 ppm
Molybdenum Mo 0.2 ppm
Selenium Se 0.1 ppm
Iodine I 17 ppm
This mineral analysis is a guide only-not a specification
Acid Buf is an Australian Registered product