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Mycotoxins are toxins produced by fungi before or after harvest, or during storage. They induce a large variety of diseases called mycotoxicoses. Most of the mycotoxins are very stable and can resist changes in temperatures or to storage and processing conditions. Therefore, they can be found in feeds or foods produced with contaminated raw materials. Some mycotoxins ingested by animals can even be transferred to meat, milk and eggs and could contaminate the people eating these products. Different methods have been tested to get rid of mycotoxins. When possible, prevention is the most effective strategy. But once the raw material is contaminated, it is very difficult to remove the mycotoxin.

The power-Mycotoxin eliminators offered by IMPEXTRACO are know under the brand name ELITOX. Since there is no single solution against the different mycotoxins, ELITOX combines different strategies that control polar and non polar toxins. Additionally, natural extracts and vitamins are used to reduce the stress-related symptoms.