Pigs Products

Feedworks provides leading edge nutritional and functional feed additives for the pig industry. Given we have a freedom of choice we only work with those products that meet our internal review process. All products meet AgVet regulations audited to industry codes of practice.

Fw Fruit Buds

FW Fruit Buds Dry is a powdered flavouring with a fresh, red fruity profile consisting of high purity food grade, nature-identical flavouring.

As a Palatability Modifiers FW Fruit Buds helps maintain consistent feed consumption, maximize feed intake and growth.

It has been developed through a customised flavour optimisation process that includes:

  • Intake stimulation.
  • Aroma
  • Product stability and shelf life.
  • Compatibility
  • Consistency
  • Wide application across species.
  • Economics
  • Consolidation and Concentration.

Fruit Buds has several stabilization systems, including:

  • Antioxidants for rancidity prevention
  • Emulsifiers for improved mixing and coating of feeds
  • Preservatives for improved shelf life and pelleting stability
  • Plastic-lined packaging to control loss of volatile aromas