Pigs Products

Feedworks provides leading edge nutritional and functional feed additives for the pig industry. Given we have a freedom of choice we only work with those products that meet our internal review process. All products meet AgVet regulations audited to industry codes of practice.

Fw Porcine Plasma

Porcine or bovine plasma is derived from the separation of blood into haemoglobin and plasma by centrifugation and then spray drying.

  • Plasma is an important bio-functional protein source for (weaned) piglets
  • To guarantee the functionality of plasma following parameters are important:
    • Protein solubility!
    • Immunoglublin G content (solubility is a good indicator for IgG)
  • The functional components of porcine or bovine blood plasma leads to the following:
    • Improved feed palatability
    • Enhanced daily feed intake
    • A better and healthier digestive system
    • Improved nutrient absorption
    • Better daily gain and overall performance