Phyzyme XP (Pigs)

Phyzyme XP – more profit, better environment

Phyzyme XP is a highly efficient phytase feed enzyme that improves the digestibility of phosphorus and other nutrients contained in cereal grains, oil seed meals and their by-products.

Phyzyme XP reduces the amount of inorganic phosphorus that must be added to the feed and allows the diet to be reformulated to take account of improvements in energy and amino acid digestibility, providing feed manufacturers and pig and poultry producers with the opportunity to reduce feed costs. Phyzyme XP improves the environment by reducing the amount of phosphorous excreted by the animal.

Trials have shown that Phyzyme XP offers superior value compared to leading competitor phyzymes.

Benefits of adding Phyzyme XP to pig and poultry feed:

  • Lower feed costs
  • Improved environment