Axtra Phy (Poultry)

Phytase is the most widely used feed enzyme in the world, included in ~90% of poultry – and ~70% of pig – diets. Feed phytase was first introduced in the late 1980s to control phosphorus pollution and improve nutrient uptake. The latest phytases go one step further, maximizing phytate destruction and producer profitability.

Our highly bio-efficacious phytase feed enzymes offer unprecedented digestibility and phytate destruction benefits, increasing the availability of phosphorus, calcium, energy and amino acids to the animal.

DuPonts easy to use, online Optimize Feed™ Service uses accurate, well researched species specific matrix values that take into account factors such as substrate levels, diet variation and the age of the animal to calculate the optimum dose of feed phytase to achieve maximum profitability.

Our feed phytase solutions are also supported by unique Thermostability Protection Technology (TPT) to ensure maximum performance and ease of use at up to 95° C (203°F).The TPT coating also allows rapid release of phytase in the upper part of the gut to achieve optimum bio-efficacy.