Natural Betaine/Betafin – more profit, many solutions

For Poultry

Betafin includes a reange of highly purified products. Betafin is an osmolyte, which allows energy to be reduced in pig and turkey feeds.

Betafin is also a methyl group donor, allowing some of all added choline chloride and some added methionine to be replaced in pig and poultry

Betafin proviedes feed manufacturers and pig and poultry producers with the opportunity to reduce feed costs and maintain pig and poultry growth and feed conversion.

As an osmolyte, Betafin accumulates in animal cells where it attracts water, protecting them from dehydration and allowing the animal to maintain its water balance in a more energy-efficient way. This means that the animal uses less energy to maintain water balance and more energy can be used for lean growth.

Betafin offers producers the opportunity to increase profit by achieving more pig and bird growth from less feed.

Benefits of adding Betafin to pig and poultry feed:

  • Lower feed costs
  • More uniform birds and pigs
  • Higher quality end product from increased breast meat or increased carcass yield
  • Contributing to food safety
  • Proven value in antibiotic growth free nutrition