Celtic Sea Minerals was officially licensed in 1991 by the Irish government to harvest seaweed off the South West coast of Ireland. This particular seaweed rapidly absorbs minerals & nutrients from the seawater and eventually forms a unique honeycomb structure with high mineral & trace element content.
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Celtic Sea Minerals, through its access to this unique marine mineral, has developed a range of natural products for use in animal nutrition and hygiene and the environment.The company’s key strategy is to independently prove the efficacy of its products through research at Universities and recognized scientific organizations. We have conducted over 25 studies on our products in a number of different countries to satisfy the customer regarding the products‘ authenticity. These studies have been peer reviewed and, where applicable, have been published in recognized journals.

The company has targeted specific nutritional problems associated with current intensive animal production and formulated its marine mineral to improve animal performance and welfare. This approach has resulted in the company producing a variety of products aimed at the Animal Nutrition and Animal Hygiene markets.

  1. 1) A sustained/slow-release buffer for use in ruminant diets
  2. 2) A multi-mineral for use in pig diets to reduce problems associated with excess acidity in the digestive system
  3. 3) A specifically formulated product supplying highly bio-available minerals for high-performance horses
  4. 4) A high-calcium product for hardening of egg shells
  5. 5) A natural bedding conditioner for improvement in animal welfare
  6. 6) All of these products greatly benefit animals functioning under pressure either to produce more milk or meat or to perform on the racetrack.

Celtic Sea Minerals has also shown that seaweed has applications in the Environmental markets, and produces a product aimed specifically at this industry.

A natural buffer for use in Waste-Water Treatment Many water treatment plants, due to the high Biological Oxygen Demand, require additional buffering and trace minerals to maximize organic breakdown, resulting in cleaner discharge water.

Natural Marine Harvest

The marine source of Celtic Sea Minerals‘ base material is ideal for todays highly intensive food production, due to its multi-mineral content and its method of breakdown in the digestive system. A recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in St Louis, USA has highlighted the dramatic decline in the past 50 years in the nutrient levels of foods including meat, fruit, vegetables and crops. For example, the iron content in 15 varieties of meat has decreased on average by 47%, while the iron content in milk has dropped by more than 60%. Magnesium levels have typically fallen by 10%, while copper levels have fallen by at least 60%.

Celtic Sea Minerals‘ products are ideally suited to meeting the challenges in the Food and Environmental Industries and we have the science to prove their efficacy.