Tracers and markers for feed, medications and premixes

MICRO-TRACERS, Inc (1 961) manufactures a wide variety of analytical tracers used for a variety of purposes in the worldwide formula feed industry. We also manufacture selenium sources for use in manufacturing feed premixes, laboratory apparatus and we provide analytical and consulting services. Micro-Tracers, Inc is part of a group including ANRESCO, Inc a commercial analytical laboratory providing analytical, consulting and research services primarily to the food industry.

Microtracers ‘ have been formulated in more than 500 million tons of feed.

Our areas of expertise are:

* Code Vitamins, Minerals or Medications added to Feeds.

* Identify Proprietary Premixes and Feeds.

* Test for Mixing Quality and Adequacy of Mixer Cleanout.

* Analyze Selenium Premixes Ouantitatively

* We offer a very extensive Bibliography of Micro-Tracer publications and other feed related publications.