“P.L.P. snc IMPlANTl lNDUSTRIALl di Prati A. Locchi R.”was founded in1980.

The commitment of the two partners in more than twenty years of activity has been to the design and manufacture of high quality , products and a guarantee of skill and professionalism. PLP snc IMPIANTI INDUSTRIALI is in the market of systems for the dosing and weighing of liquids for the feed processing, food and chemical industries, integrated continuous tat coating systems for pellets and crolcuets, litre counters, pumps, filters, emulsifiers, motorised nebulisers…

Some of the most renowned users of our products are: UNILEVER, ENEL, BASF, AKZO NOBEL, MONSANTO AGRICOLTURA ITALIA SPA, PIONEER and others.