The Ralco Story…

Founded in 1971, Ralco Nutrition, Inc. Is a second-generation premix company. Ralco’ humbly began as a home-based business, but rapidly grew to become Ralco-mix Products, Inc. in Marshall, Minnesota. In 2005, the name was changed to Ralco Nutrition, Inc. To better portray our focus on supplying researched and efficient nutrition to all kinds of livestock. Today Ralco Nutrition, Inc. Consists of over 80 employees and has a worldwide presence in animal nutrition around the globe.

Two original products were marketed when the company was chartered in 1972-Silo-Mix@ and Suppli-Mix@. Both products remain as significant in the market place today as they did over 35 years ago. The company has added over 100 formula premixes and complete feeds to the cadre of products offered for sale to livestock producers of swine, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, horses, buffalo, deer, ratites, chickens and turkeys.

The original Ralco philosophy of feeding livestock naturally remains intact and is stronger than ever with the company’ s leadership. Ralco Nutrition, Inc. Imports high quality raw materials from all over the world and continues to open new markets in the continental U.S. As demand for Ralco’s innovation and technology grows we have developed an aggressive international focus. We have a significant presence in the feed markets in Central and South America, Mexico, Canada and Asia. Ralco continues to be a trusted source of animal nutrition worldwide. Our commitment to the producer, the end user and environmental stewardship motivates us to research and develop effective, safe and natural products.

Ralco is an acronym that stands for…



Love of Labor



Our mission is…

To Supply and Implement Innovative Solutions to Animal Nutrition.

The Strategies we employ to accomplish our mission are as follows:

To supply industry leading technical expertise in animal nutrition.

To research nutrition in a way that maximizes performance and profitability.

To pursue novel and technology driven nutritional solutions.

To feed animals as naturally as possible, being conscious of the environment and food safety.

At Ralco Nutrition, Inc. relationship is always more important than the bottom-line. Our connection with producer, end-user and our environment is shaped by these unique principles that drive our business model:



Commitment to Quality

Self lmprovement