Agnition TM

img Agnition TM products work in a different way to other crop/plant/ soil technologies:
  • Stimulate the Microbes:

    The microbial catalyst technology stimulates the billions of microorganisms per hectare that liberate nutrients in your soil.

  • Increase Nutrient Uptake:

    Utilise more of the vital nutrients crops and plants require to reach their genetic potential.

  • Assist the plants natural resilience to disease:

    Using the microbial catalyst technology allows greater roo structure and soil health which assist the plants to withstand the effects of environmental and disease stress.

"Microbes are essential partners in all aspects of plant physiology, but human efforts to improve plant productivity have focused mostly on the plant".

-American Academy of Microbiology

"All plants rely on microbial partners to secure nutrients, deter pathogens and resist enviornmental stress"

-American Academy of Microbiology