Acid Buf Pigs

  • Acid Buf is derived from marine algae, with over 74 bio-available minerals, principally calcium and magnesium.
  • The honeycomb structure of Acid Buf greatly increases its surface area allowing for a more thorough acid neutralisation. Soluble calcium and magnesium are released consequently.
  • Acid Buf is processed to ensure a consistent fine particle size allowing for optimum activation and efficacy in the digestive tract of the pig.

Research trials in pigs has shown the following positive results:

  • Piglet mortality
    • By increasing sow feed consumption.
    • Through reduced sow weight loss.
    • Supporting sow and piglet health.
  • Reduced aggression
    • Less fighting after mixing of pigs.
    • Reduced competition for feed.
    • Lower levels of physical attacks and biting.
  • Gastric health
    • Lowering ulcers in the stomach.
    • Reduced mortality caused by ulcers and gastric bleeding.