ACIDAL® NC is a non-corrosive, dry, ba­lanced mixture of acidulants, emulsi­fiers and natural extracts. It is used to compensate the phy­siological hy­drochloric acid deficien­cy in the sto­mach of young animals and to control the intestinal bacteria.
ACIDAL® NC is a mixture of formic, acetic, propionic, lactic, fumaric, citric and ortho-phosphoric acid and their salts on a silicate carrier. ACIDAL® NC also contains the natural extracts, palatabi­lity improving agents and emulsifiers.

  • ACIDAL® NC will lower the buffering capacity of the feed with its acids. This results in a lower pH in the stomach.
  • ACIDAL® NC has the specific ability to penetrate bacteria through the cell wall and disrupt the bacilli by interfering with its metabolism. The pH in the stomach does not have to be as low as hydrochloric acid alone.
  • The acidification will be prolonged to the beginning of the small intestine, due to the inclusion of the emulsifiers in ACIDAL® NC.
  • Prevents the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms (esp. E. coli)
  • Friendly to use and not classified as corrosive
  • Reduces post-weaning diarrhea and mortality of piglets
  • Stimulates the development of Lactobacilli
  • Improves the coagulation and enzymatic digestion of proteins
  • Improves the growth and feed conversion rate