Agita Fly Management Ruminants

Potent ‘fly and die’ insecticide for successful fly control in animal production systems.

Agita stands out from ordinary insecticides:

  • Agita is no ordinary insecticide. It is an advanced second-generation neonicotinoid, with a unique chemical structure.
  • Agita is the first, and only, neonicotinoid to possess a chlorothiazole heterocycle and a novel oxadiazinane ring which means Agita exerts a differential effect on the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors of flies.
  • This unique chemistry makes Agita stand out from older neonicotinoids such as Imidacloprid.

Unique mode of action delivers potency:

  • Agita appears to act on different nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, or on different subunits of the same receptors compared to other insecticides in its class.
  • Agita’s advanced potency is attributed to this different mode of action at the receptor sites.

Attractive and 100% fatal formula:

  • Agita is a lethal cocktail of an extremely effective contact and stomach poison (thiamethoxam), a fly-attracting sexual pheromone (tricosene) and, because sucking flies are irresistibly attracted to sugary foods, a mixture of lactose and crystalline sugars.
  • Agita’s bright yellow colour and granulated texture are also both properties known to attract flies.

Unique Agita 1GB bait formulation:

  • Agita’s bait formulation is innovative and unique.
  • All the constituent elements in Agita’s formula are evenly distributed in a matrix within the granules.
  • So, unlike conventional bait formulations, Agita bait continues to attract and kill flies with the same efficiency for as long as the bait lasts.

Agita 10WG paint and spray formulation:

  • Agita’s dust free granulated 10WG formulation containing 10% thiamethoxam dissolves readily to form a milky broth suspension for easy paint or spray application.

Because Agita is specially formulated for on farm use it can be placed or applied where and how you need it:

  • Scatter bait Scatter Agita 1GB in areas where flies gather and onto surfaces where flies rest.
  • Station / tray bait Spread Agita 1GB evenly onto the station or tray avoiding heaps - place in areas where flies gather.
  • Hang-board bait Lightly moisten one side of a board (or card) with beaten eggs, beer, cola, or starched wallpaper glue and sprinkle Agita 1GB granules onto the tacky surface. When dry, hang boards/cards in areas where flies gather.
  • Spray-on bait Mix Agita 10WG with water, stir and pour the solution into a pump or compression sprayer and apply immediately onto surfaces where flies gather.
  • Paint-on bait Mix Agita 10WG with water, stir in to form a broth suspension then apply onto surfaces where flies gather using a paint brush.