Axtra Phy Pigs

  • Axtra PHY is the latest generation phytase and has advantages over E.coli and Fungal derived phytases.
  • Axtra PHY phytase breakdowns down phytic acid to release phytate-phosphorus (P).
  • Phytate is an indigestible source of phosphorus found in grains and vegetable proteins and is also an anti-nutritional factor in monogastric diets.
  • Phytate also binds to protein, amino acids, starches and other minerals making them unavailable to the pig and bird.
  • Axtra PHY supplementation significantly increases nutrient availability and can potentially save between $5.00 and $20.00/tonne in average diet cost.
  • The dose rate of Axtra PHY ranges between 500 FTU/kg to 2000 FTU/kg depending on the diet and phytate content.
  • Axtra PHY is available in a heat stable (up to 95C) powder or in liquid forms.
  • The application of Axtra PHY should be discussed with a qualified nutritionist.

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