Axtra XB Pigs

  • AXTRA XB contains the enzymes Xylanase and Beta Glucanase for use in wheat and barley based diets and diets containing high levels of dietary fibre.
  • AXTRA XB breaks down anti-nutritional soluble fibre/non-starch polysaccharides (NSP) in diets to reduce gut viscosity, increasing bird and pig growth and gut health.
  • Soluble NSP is known to create wet litter in birds and reduce feed intake in young pigs, both of which AXTRA XB alleviates.
  • AXTRA XB is also very effective at reducing the negative effects of insoluble NSP that form barriers to the animal’s own digestive processes, releasing bound protein, starch and minerals to further improve diet digestibility.
  • AXTRA XB hydrolysis of fibre creates small chain oligomers (xlyo-oligomers) which are prebiotics for beneficial microflora.
  • AXTRA XB increases the energy of wheat, barley, triticale, millrun and oats by 4 to 5% with similar improvements in amino acid digestibility.
  • Axtra XB is easily used in combination with AXTRA PHY phytase to offer further opportunities for additional feed cost savings and increases in growth performance.