Betafin Poultry

  • Betafin natural betaine is extracted from sustainable sugar beet molasses for use in all poultry species diets
  • Produced using a proprietary chromatographic separation process
  • Betaine has two important functions in animal nutrition
    • Osmolyte
    • Methyl donor
  • Betaine as an osmolyte
    • Helps maintain cellular fluid balance
    • Improved gut integrity
    • Spares metabolic energy
  • Betaine as a methyl group donor
    • Spares metabolic energy
    • Reduces feed costs by replacing some added methionine and all choline chloride supplements as methyl donors
  • Research has shown that Betafin natural betaine supports:
    • All poultry species
      • Production performance
      • Maintain gut integrity at times of production stress
      • Supports the function of coccidiostats
      • Reduces the negative effects of heat stress
      • Improved nutrient digestibility
    • Broilers –Breast meat yield and feed efficiency
    • Layers – egg production, quality and feed efficiency
    • Breeders – Egg production and hatchability

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Download Comparing natural and synthetic betaine sources PDF here