Betafin natural Betaine – Aqua

  • Betafin natural betaine is a byproduct of sugar beet manufacture. It accumulates at high levels in sugar beet to help maintain osmolarity and cell function.
  • Betaine is an excellent osmoregulator as it has both a positive and a negative charge (zwitterion) - attracts water.
  • Osmoregulation is the ability of a cell to maintain its structure and function by regulating movement of water in and out of the cell.
  • From simple single cell bacteria, plants, marine organisms, animals and humans, betaine has evolved to be the preferred osmolyte to maintain cell structure and function.





Betafin natural Betaine:

Prevents dehydration and helps to maintain ionic balance, which is particularly important during stresses such as pathogen challenge, nutritional stress and transport.


Highly compatible with cellular enzyme function, protects cellular enzymes and membranes from osmotic inactivation.


Promotes energy efficient osmoregulation as less energy is used in maintaining water balance within cells.


Due to its effect on water balance in the intestinal epithelia, betaine may help this tissue maintain a high level of activity despite the presence of pathogens which tend to disturb water and electrolyte balance.