Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Birthright Deck

The Birthright Deck is a system designed for rearing young piglets.

It caters for excess piglets in the farrowing shed, fall back piglets needing extra attention or simply an alternative to having expensive nursing sows in the herd.

In combination with Birthright piglet milk replacers it’s a powerful tool for all pig producers.



  • Save more pigs.
  • Catch the smallest pigs up with the rest of production.
    • More uniform pigs on the finishing end.
  • Improve health of litters left on the sow.
    • A lot of sickness and disease comes into the litters via the smaller pigs.
    • These pigs usually get “crowded out” and may not get colostrum. They are the “typhoid Mary’s” in the farrowing barn.
    • Removing the small pigs and dealing with them separately may improve the health of litters left on the sow.
  • Improve weaning weights of all pigs left on the sow.
    • If you take one pig per litter away, the pigs remaining on the sow have more milk to divide.
  • The Birthright Deck pigs can be combined with their littermates at weaning.