CoRouge Pigs

CoRouge is highly concentrated source of copper for animal feeds. Cuprous oxide or CoRouge is the mono valent form of copper oxide.


Some of the key features of CoRouge are:

  • Highly bioavailable.
    • Cuprous ions (Cu+) are readily absorbable by CTR1, the main copper intestinal transporter.
  • Low dust content and excellent flowability.
    • Easy handling in premix plants and feedmills.
  • Homogeneous particle size distribution
    • Even distribution in feed.
  • Low level of contaminants like heavy metals.
  • High copper concentration (75%) compared to Copper Sulphate (25%)
    • Less transport
    • Less warehousing
    • Less volume in premixes
  • Very low water solubility compared to copper sulphate.
    • Less interaction with other minerals or vitamins in premixes
    • Lower binding to phytate in the gut.
  • Recognised and tested Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
    • Less carbon footprint
    • Lower impact on the environment
  • Superior animal performance
    • Improved FCR, ADG & Liveability through better gut microflora modulation.