Diamond V XPC Poultry

  • All natural, yeast metabolites for use in all poultry species diets
  • Produced using a proprietary anaerobic fermentation technology of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • The unique fermentation process of Diamond V produces metabolites that promote
    • Robust digestive health
    • Improved immune function
    • Improved gut morphology
    • Pre-harvest food safety
  • Research has shown that Diamond V Original XPC supports:
    • All poultry species – production performance
    • Broilers – Weight gain, yield and feed efficiency
    • Layers – egg production, quality and feed efficiency
    • Breeders – Egg production, hatchability, fertility, chick quality and performance

Video with Dr Peter Johnson (Independent Poultry Vet from South Africa) at AVAMS on Diamond V.

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