Feedox Poultry

FEEDOX® Dry prevents initiation of oxidation. Oxidation of fats affects feed quality and results in lower animal performance.

Oxidation is a chemical, non-reversible process, consisting of 3 concurrent phases:

  • Initiation, propagation and termination.
  • The oxidative breakdown is the direct result of meeting atmospheric oxygen.
  • Auto-oxidation can be prevented by adding:
    • sequestrants of metallic ions, which are responsible for catalyzing the initiation phase and
    • antioxidants which serve as electron donors which stabilize free radicals during the propagation phase.

Once the propagation phase has started, it is very difficult to stop the process. Therefore, it is considered good practice to protect the feed stocks against oxidation losses as early as possible. Based on this consideration, FEEDOX® Dry was developed, combining:

  • sequestrants (citric acid, orthophosphoric acid) to prevent the initiation phase
  • a synergistic mixture of antioxidants (BHA, Ethoxyquin) as prevention of the propagation phase.

FEEDOX® Dry is not just a blend; it is a fine-sized carrier, in which all particles are fully coated with a thin layer of the active components mixture. Feedox®is a synergistic combination of chelating agents and antioxidants prepared by a unique production process that ensures the proportion of components in Feedox® are identical from one particle to another. By optimising this process, FEEDOX provides:

  • A unique homogeneous product.
  • Synergistic effect on every particle.
  • Dispersion in the feed to be optimized.
  • Application dose to be reduced.
  • A lower cost per treated MT of premix or finished feed.