Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Feedsaver Farm Blending Systems

What is Intelligent Feeding?

  • Intelligent Feeding allows you to create the right feed for the right animal at the right time.
  • The process relies on multiple sources of information, including historical nutrition research and feed curves, as well as feed intake data collected continuously in the barn.
  • Feedlogic technology enables real time performance measurement in houses and can make frequent slight changes to diets to suit changing environments, changing feed quality, and biological variation.

The Case for Intelligent Feeding

  • Since feed constitutes by far the largest portion of operating costs, changes in feeding practices can result in the quickest and easiest productivity gains.
  • Pig and Poultry nutrition research has also shown that the feed curve for a specific animal may vary according to its genetics and sex, but it may also be influenced by specific house conditions.
  • Until now, there wasn’t an affordable way to deal with farm-to-farm variation.
  • The common current process of “stepped feeding” is designed to lower nutrient density as the animal ages.
  • This strategy makes a lot of compromises and does not change the formula frequently enough to stay close to the curve. It also does not factor in variation.
  • Most animals currently will only be receiving their actual nutritional requirements for a few brief periods in their entire life.
  • Changing the feed formulation frequently better matches the recommended nutrition curve.
  • By making frequent adjustments to the animal diet, the producer can prevent:
    • Underfeeding – where the animal is not growing quickly enough and costs more to produce
    • Overfeeding – where feed is wasted, and excess nitrogen and phosphates are added to manure.

We offer several different blending systems from FeedLogic.

  • FeedSaver M which provides precision feeding per pen.
  • FeedSaver S which blends per auger feeding line.
  • FeedSaver P which provides a lower cost simple in line blending system mostly applicable for broiler operations.
  • BlendTronic which can add micro additives in dry (or liquid) form into the auger feed line.

Powerful Software

  • Easy diet selection and adjustment
  • Quick visual indicators of house conditions
  • Instant reporting
  • Filtering tools to mine data

Live Communication

  • Wireless connection to delivery unit
  • Systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world 24/7
  • Nutrition decisions can be made off-site using live data