FW Fruit Buds Ruminants

FW Fruit Buds Dry is a powdered flavouring with a fresh, red fruity profile consisting of high purity food grade, nature-identical flavouring.

As a Palatability Modifiers FW Fruit Buds helps maintain consistent feed consumption, maximize feed intake and growth.

It has been developed through a customised flavour optimisation process that includes:

  • Intake stimulation.
  • Aroma
  • Product stability and shelf life.
  • Compatibility
  • Consistency
  • Wide application across species.
  • Economics
  • Consolidation and Concentration.

Fruit Buds has several stabilization systems, including:

  • Antioxidants for rancidity prevention
  • Emulsifiers for improved mixing and coating of feeds
  • Preservatives for improved shelf life and pelleting stability
  • Plastic-lined packaging to control loss of volatile aromas