Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Idas for Poultry and Pigs

The provision of reliable Real Time Feed Intake and it’s use for management, nutrition and health decisions as they occur is a major gap in intensive animal production.

Idas for poultry and pig production is a combined system from Feedworks that for the first time allows real time reporting and charting of poultry and pig performance based around Real Time Feed Intake.

The collective acronym and brand is Idas- Information Data and Analytics System.


The FeedMeter allows you to:

  • Collect data on multiple parameters but principally the missing link has been real time feed consumption.
  • Monitor feed consumption daily in real time.
  • Use weighing systems to provide a real time FCR.
  • The FeedMeter communication Hub allows you to automatically collect and monitor things like water, temperature, weights, etc, again in real time. These are then able to be sorted and graphed through Idas.
  • Intelligent alerting service for feed, water, temperature and other parameters.
  • Manage silo inventory and ordering systems.

Idas App

Through the Idas App you can:
Enter the following:

  • Stock inventory.
  • Animal weights.
  • Mortalities.
  • Water consumption.
  • Ammonia levels.
  • Feed inventory.
  • Etc.

All of this data enters the Idas system through Grovestreams and sorted, graphed and presented in an easy to read or use format that
enable you to:

  • Access the farm and individual units though the web direct from computers, tablets and smart phones.
  • Ability to keep history for performance comparisons.
  • Allows for remote monitoring of farm and animal
  • Export data (eg csv files).

What are the profit drivers from this technology?

  • Feed cost savings through targeted feeds to match the growth or production stage of the pig (including the potential for on farm blending).
  • Predictive alerts to disease onsets from a drop in feed or water intake. This enables proactive intervention.
  • Marketing decisions based on, weight, sorting, individual farms or sheds.
  • Improved processing plant planning and efficiency.
  • Better management of trucks (pick up’s, feed delivery etc.).
  • Operational alerts on feed auger runs and potential problems.
  • Silo inventory management.
  • Evaluation of animal, farm and business performance that allows for continuous improvement.
  • Ability to more effectively evaluate operational changes (feed, medications, management).

Idas puts the information in your hands in real time. That
information alone is an amazing starting place to implement
many new development opportunities and technologies.