The fly control agent which is applied by the birds themselves!

  • Larvadex® is given as a feed additive and is deposited in the dung of birds.
  • This method of application means Larvadex® is always present in the most effective concentrations.
  • Where there is more dung, so there is more Larvadex®.

Unique chemical

  • Larvadex® contains cyromazine, an insect growth regulator which attacks the larval stage of fly development. No cross-resistance!
  • Cyromazine belongs to a chemical group that is not linked to any currently available residual or “adult knockdown” fly control product. It therefore controls multi-resistant flies and is not affected by cross-resistance.

Mode of action

  • Cyromazine is a larvicide. It prevents the normal development of larvae into pupae.
  • It has no direct effect against adult flies.

Use with adulticides

  • Larvadex® should therefore be used in conjunction with adulticides such as Agita® which are stomach poisons with quick “knockdown” properties against adult flies.

Spectrum of control

  • Larvadex® controls all those fly species which pose an economic threat to farmers involved in intensive animal production.

The benefits of using Larvadex

  • Easy and convenient
  • Quick acting
  • Safe and reliable
  • Saves time
  • Saves labour