Lerbek is a synergistic mixture of methyl benzoquate and clopidol for the prevention of chicken coccidiosis.

  • Lerbek is a synergistic mixture of a pyridone (meticlorpindol) and quinolone (methyl-benzoquate).
  • The unique combination of meticlorpindol and methyl-benzoquate produces better results than either compound on their own.
  • Lerbek is a chemical coccidiosis control product that inhibits the development of sporozoites and prevents the shedding of oocysts.
  • Using Lerbek as a chemical control break in a well-planned coccidiosis control programme allows other products (e.g., ionophores) to work more effectively
    • The principal involved in rotation programmes is like that of shuttle program - the use of drugs with different modes of action will help the elimination of any strains that may be resistant to ionophores.
    • Field results have demonstrated that resting a class of drugs helps restoring the efficacy of the parasites to that drug. (H.D. Chapman)
  • Lerbek does not have cross resistance with other coccidia chemical control products e.g. Deccox
  • To prevent resistance, Lerbek should not be used for more than one consecutive flock.
  • Lerbek is advised to be used in feed from placement to approx. 28 days on farm.
  • Lerbek is an APVMA registered product