Microtracer Ruminants


  • Microtracers™ F (colored uniformly sized iron particles) are easily identifiable “harmless markers” used to assure the quality of mixed formula animal and poultry feeds.
  • When formulated in vitamin, mineral or medicated premixes, a Microtracer serves to mark the presence of the premix in the finished feeds.
  • Finished feeds then contain both the coded microingredient and the Microtracer.
  • Samples of the premix and the finished feed can be assayed for the Microtracer qualitatively in two minutes and quantitatively in five minutes with no reagent other than water or alcohol required.
  • The Microtracer result can then be used as an excellent indicator for the coded microingredient.
  • When assayed quantitatively, Microtracers F can be used to document efficacy of mixing as well as adequacy of batch to batch “cleanout” of mixers and other feed manufacturing equipment.
  • For greater confidence and to measure "carryover" of premixes coded with Microtracers F, one should use a Rotary Detector™ to test for Microtracers.
  • This is especially relevant for medicated feeds and premixes like coccidiostats.
  • The analysis permits complete tracer recovery and analysis of larger feed samples (i.e. 500 grams).
  • The chances of obtaining a "false negative" (coded premix present at formulated level but no tracer found) will be nil. The likelihood of finding at least one tracer particle if 10% "carryover" of the premix to a non-target feed occurs will be better than 95%.
  • Microtracers F are isolated from feed samples either utilizing a Mason Jar with magnetic lid or a Microtracer Rotary Detector™ magnetic separator.
  • With the Rotary Detector™ samples as large as 500 grams may be assayed routinely.
  • Mixer efficiency testing using Microtracers is an accepted methodology as part of FeedSafe accreditation in Australia.