Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeder

Nedap has been developing, producing and marketing automated equipment for pig management for over 35 years now.
The technology from Nedap provides intelligent and sustainable solutions for all domains of pig management, which enables a unique approach to pigs accommodated in large groups.

  • Electronic identification enables the identification, tracking and care of each individual pig.
  • Whether you require feed, sorting and separation, weighing or automated heat detection systems.
  • As a result, pig breeders can now keep their stock in large groups while ensuring the care of each individual animal.
  • This contributes to getting better technical results, with less effort!
  • This is how Nedap creates the perfect balance between healthy growth, work, profit and well-being.

Nedap Electronic Sow Feeding: the benefits

  • Automatically provide each sow in the group with her individual feed budget.
  • Each sow can take her individual ration of feed, in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • That means that with less work, you can keep the sows in top condition.
  • This is important to achieve more live born piglets, fewer returns and fewer leg problems.

In summary producers get:

  • Sows in top condition, more piglets
  • Less feed wastage
  • It’s simple to apply feed strategies
  • Notification when animals don’t eat
  • Calmness and relaxed sows
  • Automatic detection, marking and separation of sows based on heat
  • Create custom rules to separate sows (vaccination, due to farrow, etc)
  • Very few moving parts (less maintenance).