Equipment and Feeding Systems
Equipment and Feeding Systems

Nedap Pig Performance Testers

What can Nedap Pig Performance Testing offer you?

  • Nedap Pig Performance Testing creates transparency in regard to the best boar-sow combinations, leading to the most feed-efficient pigs.
  • This is an essential element when it comes to responding growing demand and efficiency.
  • The system registers the main factors for the pig breeding sector: growth and feed intake.
  • Generally, piglets from a preselected boar-sow combination are used.
  • The individual weight and feed intake is registered every time the pig visits the station, based on the electronic individual animal identification.
  • Nedap Pig Performance Testing accurately identifies the differences in growth and feed intake between animals.
  • Nedap Pig Performance Testing shows which animals perform best, therefore enabling continuous, simple and accurate optimisation of genetics.


  • Simple optimisation of genetics in the pig farming sector
  • Accurate and reliable individual animal information; weight and feed intake
  • Reliable and cost effective
  • Unlimited, simple access to the Nedap Pig Performance Testing system
  • Simple and reliable operation of the system
  • Data security
  • Automatic self-calibrating on feed
  • Nedap: reliable and innovating

The growing demand for safe and reliable pork forms a challenge for the entire pig farming sector.
With the newly developed Nedap Pig Performance Testing system you will obtain the clearest insight into the breeding lines that produce the best pigs.
This system is Nedap’s contribution to a healthy and efficient herd of pigs.