Nutritek is a revolutionary postbiotic, natural, non-antibiotic solution to aid in Safe, Responsible dairy production.


The product is a combination of yeast metabolites derived through the unique fermentation process of Diamond V.


· Nutritek has been shown to improve the animal performance and synergistically enhance the effect of common antimicrobials and DFM’s.


· Nutritek increases milk yield, milk solids and reduces somatic cell counts.


· Either alone or in combination with existing practices, Nutritek aids in reducing animal health issues, lowering mortality, morbidity and antibiotic usage, and improving the response of sick animals to antibiotics.


· Research shows that Nutritek aids feed safety challenges, reducing the pathogen load both within the feedlot, and through processing.


· Nutritek is the first product shown to preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics used through beef production, both in animals and the humans caring for them.