Armament FW

Armament FW is the brand of natural glycinebetaine (GB), formulated
by FW Agronomy. When used in agricultural & amp; horticultural applications on a range of crops, Glycinebetaine (GB) is a proven solution to improve drought, heat, salt tolerance and a protectant of plants against frost. Armament FW has also demonstrated success in reducing cracking of fruits in regions including Spain and Australia.

What does an osmolyte do?

  • Maintains water balance in cells, helps prevent cellular dehydration
  • Quickly transported during osmotic stress into the cell or synthesized in the cell
  • Increases the osmotic strength of the cell
  • Has no adverse effect on cell function
  • Protects macromolecules (e.g. cellular enzymes) from osmotic inactivation

Results from Armament FW

  • Reduced flower drop, due to heat
  • Increased yield
  • Improved water use
  • Less damage from frost
  • Improved quality

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(1) Can osmolytes reduce the impact of drought, heat, salinity and frost on a variety of crops?