SyngenX is a natural fermentation-based nutritional health product used in pig diets to promote gut health and productivity.

  • SynGenX is not a single compound but rather a product composed of numerous functional metabolites.
  • These unique bioactive compounds work synergistically to support piglet health and performance.
  • SynGenX is a product of Diamond V’s proprietary anaerobic Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation process.
  • This closely guarded process produces a unique metabolite profile that cannot be replicated outside of Diamond V.
  • The unique Bioactive profile promotes the activity of beneficial bacteria in the young pig’s digestive tract.
  • Through exerting a dual action (similar to prebiotics and probiotics) SynGenX also supports butyrate production to optimise the immune function, further supporting the overall health in young piglets.
  • Research in piglets has demonstrated the following key benefits to using SyngenX:
    • Improved Feed Intake
    • Greater weight gain
    • Overall better health