Weatherbox by Gazeeka

  • Measurements
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity

  • Wind Speed (corrected for vehicle movement).

  • Wind Direction (corrected for vehicle movement).

  • Barometric Pressure

  • GPS Location.

  • Movement detection.

  • Slope (for Forest FDI).

  • Orientation (reference to magnetic North).

  • Tractor battery voltage level.

  • Tipping rain gauge input for stationary applications.

  • Optional Solar Radiation (Pyranometer) sensor

  • Calculates FDI (Grassland or Forest) Dew Point & Delta T for spraying.

  • Benefits
  • Remote and local indication of Fire Danger Index

  • Remote indication of hay baling conditions.

  • Local indication more accurate than distant fixed stations.

  • Ability to send an SMS based on editable alarm levels.

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