The soil is a living breathing organism that needs to be fed and nurtured. The technology within
Feedworks Agronomy uses products and technology-based data delivery in real time. This allows
decisions that enhances the ability for your soil and plants to reach their full potential in any given year as
well as leaving them in better shape for the future.


Weatherbox by Gazeeka

  • Measurements
  • Temperature and Relative Humidity

  • Wind Speed (corrected for vehicle movement).

  • Wind Direction (corrected for vehicle movement).

  • Barometric Pressure

  • GPS Location.

  • Movement detection.

  • Slope (for Forest FDI).

  • Orientation (reference to magnetic North).

  • Tractor battery voltage level.

  • Tipping rain gauge input for stationary applications.

  • Optional Solar Radiation (Pyranometer) sensor

  • Calculates FDI (Grassland or Forest) Dew Point & Delta T for spraying.

  • Benefits
  • Remote and local indication of Fire Danger Index

  • Remote indication of hay baling conditions.

  • Local indication more accurate than distant fixed stations.

  • Ability to send an SMS based on editable alarm levels.

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